Raising funds is always a challenge and with so many worth while causes it is becoming harder and harder. The Eliminator is a fantastic way to raise funds for any Club, Charity or Association. It’s an event that most people have never heard of, its great fun and its not just the usual “Race Night”. Not only do the competitors have great fun taking part, spectators can enjoy the day also.

How do we raise money?

1) Each team must raise a set amount of money in order to take part in the Eliminator.
2) You can get each game Sponored
3) Overall Event Sponsor


These figures are based on a suggested sponsorship amount per team. This figure can increase or decrease as you suggest.

Example Costs:    




5 Game    10 Teams @ €1,000 per team 




8 Game    16 teams @ €1,000 per team




10 Game  20 teams @ €1,000 per team




15 Game  30 teams @ €1,000 per team 




These costs are based on a Dublin Event – There is a small surcharge to cover travel outside Dublin